Our Brands

Care Hotel Group has a portfolio of diverse brands. Our hottest brand is Stay Express® with a family of 4 subsects that complete each other and will compete fiercely in the hotel industry. Our portfolio of hotel franchise brands also include a fourth member aptly named Local Suites®.

The Stay Express® Family offers franchising opportunity for hoteliers in every situation. Whether you have a 5 Star hotel, an economic motel, or a family owned inn, Stay Express® has a brand for your property. Meet the 4 brands in the Stay Express® Family.

We also have an Extended Stay prototype that catches the eye of American travelers- Local Suites®. The brand that is designed to bring you increased walk-in extended stay business right off the bat.

Care Hotel Group has a rich blend of brands that fits into every hotelier‘s portfolio. If you are not happy with your current franchisor, get in touch and we will help you torebrand your property with us.