Brand Mission

There are many franchisors who claim they are the most affordable "real" alternative to traditional hotel franchising. But somehow, end of the year when you‘re looking at the pile of reports on your desk & computer, you realize that being with the supposed "most affordable alternative" didn‘t improve your Bottom Line. Our mission is to change that.

Countless hours of creativity and sweat is required to build a proper hotel business, but it takes much more than that to build a proper brand. Every hotel needs brand representation to reach its maximum potential. Care Hotel Group has paved an easy way for you to get there. Care Hotel Group, after years of effort, have changed the game for independent hoteliers who live by their business.

We understand hospitality and we understand hoteliers. At the end of the day, all we want to do is provide clean & comfortable accommodation service and get fairly compensated in return. Care Hotel Group allows you to focus on service by sparing you from liquidated damage, early termination fees, and all other needless corporate hassle.

Care Hotel Group has created brands that give you national and global representation; brands that support you through good times as well as bad times. There are still so many ways for you to save more on your franchise contract, wouldn‘t you like to know how? Care Hotel Group is the most affordable hotel franchising option currently available in United States.