Be In Charge

Care Hotel Group wants you to be in charge of your property, your revenue, and your future. Care Hotel Group believes in short-term franchise contract agreements. We don‘t have to tie up our franchisees with a 20-year contract and legal ramifications because our product is enough to retain any smart & independent hotelier. Once you get a taste of franchising with us, you will not want to franchise with anyone else, so there‘s no need for a ten or twenty year contract.

Our brands come with a promise to help you save more money on franchise operations and drive more revenue through direct and third party exposures. Don‘t pay a single dime in royalty for your gross revenue. Take advantage of our ground-breaking pricing structure that allows you to choose from different pricing options taking into account your ambition and/or financial conundrum.

Hardworking honest hoteliers shouldn‘t have to be worried about lawsuits and consequent penalties, fines, and liquidated damage. You don‘t have to worry about all that non-sense when you franchise with Care Hotel Group. You focus on improving service, we guarantee on increasing exposure and global recognition.