Growth Hacking

The only thing worse than not having a brand name is having a brand name that‘s lazy. You want your brand to work for you, and not the other way around. Care Hotel Group is the first hotel franchise that employs legitimate growth hacking techniques.

While some of the costliest hotel brands hold strong marketing positions, other more affordable hotel franchising options are either weak or non-existent in the marketing department. It is a matter worth reiterating that an affordable brand is not really affordable if it lowers the bar in service.

By employing growth hacking techniques, Care Hotel Group will multiply your investment on any of its franchise brands. Growth hacking examples include Facebook Marketing, Organic Marketing, and Referral Marketing.

A practical example includes the rapid growth of Stay Express® on Facebook. The brand achieved 1000 likes on its Facebook page in less than 30 days since its official kick-off. All of these people are current and future customers of Stay Express®, its affiliates, and its franchisees.